Biodegradable material

To introduce our new sustainable fabric- Seaweed film

We used nano-grade brown algae, the raw materials have been dried many times and can be processed and used after grinding.

Biodegradable material

  • Anti-bacterial and Anti-odor

The effect of environmental protection and deodorization can make it more comfortable to wear. 


  • Good Moisturizing and antistatic

The formation of conductive chains on the fabric can be used as an excellent material option for protective clothing. 


  • Photosynthesis

Coating a layer of live algae on the fabric can absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. It fits on the outside and can perform photosynthesis more effectively.

Biodegradable material

Seaweed processing is a biodegradable material that can be completely decomposed into low-molecular compounds under the action of natural microorganisms such as bacteria, molds, and algae.